Grooming Services


That Dog Next Door believes in "positive grooming" in a cage-free* environment to ensure a pleasant experience for your dog, the groomer, and you!  We employ 1-on-1, by appointment only grooming, in a bright open setting.

We do not board dogs all day and aim to have them in and out of the salon within a 2 hour window**. We use natural, bio-degradable products and are happy to accommodate any customer provided products.

PUPPY INTRO GROOM *up to 5 month*

  • Typically a Bath, Blow-Dry, Nails and Light Trimming - a full groom can be too exhausting!

FULL GROOM $55-$160+*  

  • bath, blow-dry, brush out/de-shed, nail trim, ear cleaning & full cut

BATH & TIDY $45 - $140+* (typically $10 cheaper than your dog’s full groom cost)

  • bath, blow-dry, brush-out/de-shed, nails, ear cleaning and clean-up trimming: face, sanitary & paw pads.

SINGLE + Å LA CARTE GROOMING SERVICES:  We encourage calling ahead to ensure drop in services. 

A La Carte
Nail Trim                  $15 Nail Trim + Paw Tidy $20 Face Tidy                    $15
Nail Filing                  $15 Glands                    $15 Paw Tidy                     $15
Nail & Filing             $20 Ear Cleaning          $10 Sanitary Tidy               $15

*All prices are estimates. Pricing is based on breed, weight and condition of coat. Pricing is affected by many factors and we do our best to give an accurate quote upon appraisal of your dog, (coat condition, size/weight) any additional services that are required. Additional fees may be applied on top of regular costs, for time requirements, matting and/or aggressive/extreme behaviour. 

**Found fleas and/or ticks = automatic $25 additional to groom price

Please note that all grooms are considered full services and require all steps to maintain quality of groom and groom equipment. 


Cancelling day of and/or not showing up costs the groomer their income. We now require a credit card number on file to book appointments. A minimum of 24 hours notice for grooming appointment cancelations is required. For appointments cancelled less than 24 hours and for no shows, a charge of 50% of the grooming cost will be applied to your credit card**. Voicemails left after store hours are considered “same day” cancellation. We do not take groom bookings, changes or cancellations through email or social media. 

We are strict with our policy.