Poppin' Light
Poppin' Light
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Poppin' Light

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The Poppin' Light provides safety through illumination in low light environments. This light keeps your pet visible from up to 500 metres away, and the replaceable lithium battery is good for 50hrs (constant), 500hrs (quick flash) or 1000hrs (low power flash).

- It wraps around a collar or a leash

- Visible from up to 500 metres away

- Replaceable lithium battery (CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery)

- 50 hrs on constant, 500 hrs on quick flash or 1000 hrs low power flash

- It attaches to integrated eyelets on select RC coats and sweaters!

The light can resist light rain

How to use:

1) Wrap the loop around a collar or leash.